Mom-of-3 hilariously depicts oldest, middle, and youngest kids’ personalities

This mom on TikTok shared a hilarious video where she analyzes the personality characteristics of each child in families with three siblings, and viewers—especially parents of three—can totally relate.

TikToker Billy-Jo (@billyjo_97) is a parent and content creator who posts fun clips of daily life as a mom with three children. Recently, Billy-Jo shared a video where she hilariously depicts the personality traits of kids found commonly in families with three siblings, and viewers cannot get over the accuracy.

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“Every family with three siblings has one of each,” Billy-Jo notes over footage of her oldest and middle children with their newborn sibling at the beginning of the clip.

Suddenly, the clip cuts to a shot titled “Middle,” of Billy-Jo’s second child outside, throwing a temper tantrum next to a tree while Rico Nasty’s “Smack A B****” plays in the background. The little girl waves her arms out to the side and wails in frustration.

Billy-Jo’s middle child charges furiously toward the camera and screams before the video cuts to a shot titled “Oldest,” from when her third child was born.

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In the footage, Billy-Jo’s first child sweetly cradles his new baby sister as animated, blue and white hearts decorate the screen. “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars plays over the footage, highlighting the sweet moment between brother and sister.

Last but not least, Billy-Jo’s youngest child makes her on-screen debut. The toddler gallops happily around a parking lot and makes faces for the camera while a sarcastic remix of the Caillou theme plays over the shot before the video comes to a close.

Viewers were in stitches over the accuracy of Billy-Jo’s personality analysis parody.

“Love the middle one. She’s going in for the kill,” one user commented.

“As the middle child, I can confirm,” admitted one TikToker.

“Oh my God, this is my three, and my middle even has the same outfit,” one parent mentioned.

While Billy-Jo’s depiction of her kids’ character traits may not be the case for all families with three siblings, each child definitely brings something unique and different to the table.

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