I'm happier than ever at 50 - here's how

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Molly Sims is happier than ever at 50 (Getty)

Life can often feel chaotic and overwhelming, and finding moments of happiness can sometimes be challenging. Yet, for model and TV presenter Molly Sims, 50,  happiness isn't just a fleeting emotion—it's a way of life cultivated through deliberate self-care habits and practices.

As a model who has graced the covers of the world’s most famous fashion magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour and Allure, Molly understands the pressures of perfection. However, rather than succumb to these ideals, especially now as a 50-year-old working mom of 3, Molly has made it a priority to prioritize her mental and emotional well-being above all else.

HELLO! caught up with Molly to find out how she does it…

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Molly Sims shares her secrets to happiness (Getty)

Don’t fight anxiety, manifest it away

One of the cornerstone habits in Molly’s life is practicing positive self-talk and remembering to always appreciate the blessings in her life, big and small, especially when she’s anxious. “I am learning a lot from Gabby Bernstein,” Molly explains to HELLO! “I downloaded her app and I listen to her guided manifestation for three minutes when I'm feeling anxious.”

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Embrace imperfections

Molly told HELLO! that she had suffered from cystic acne and pigmentation for many years, but instead of letting this get her down, she found that developing a positive attitude and the right self-care has helped her love the skin she is in.

One of Molly’s favorite daily self-care habits to help treat her skin and her mood is red light therapy. “I like the Dr Dennis Gross masks,” she explains. “I have had cystic acne for years, and red light therapy really does work. It’s great for inflammation and great at killing bacteria.” Molly also developed her own simple skincare system - which she now sells and is called Yse -  that is super gentle yet gives amazing results.

Molly Sims, 50 at the 2024 Vanity Fair party
Molly Sims at the 2024 Vanity Fair party (Amy Sussman)

Focus on the positives, especially for your health

Molly believes in the power of positive thinking, especially when it comes to her health. “I don’t read about the side effects of things because then I’ll just get them in my head. And if I believe something helps me, then I mentally feel good which helps me physically too. I know it sounds crazy, but really believing in something that you're doing makes a difference.”

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One of Molly’s favorite health hacks is taking collagen every day, and the easiest way is by mixing collagen powder into her favorite drinks. “I’ve got into the habit of mixing Isopure Collagen Peptides into my tea and coffee every day. I’ve found that whatever way you can get collagen into your system is really important, especially as I’m getting older. My hair has been really difficult since I had children, but this has been great for my hair, my skin, my nails…and my joints too.”

If things don’t turn out as planned, learn to pivot

Knowing and accepting that life can often throw you some curveballs helps Molly navigate her daily life with less anxiety and stress. “The one thing I’ve learnt as I’ve got older is that I can pivot,” Molly explains. “I had a hard couple of years, and I’ve accepted that not everything's going to work out, and that you’ve got to go with the flow.”

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