What’s missing from a Yorkshire dartboard? The Weekend quiz

<span>Photograph: Krisanapong Detraphiphat/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Krisanapong Detraphiphat/Getty Images

The questions

1 What is kept in the Lord Chancellor’s purse?
2 Which island got its name thanks to spin by Erik the Red?
3 What year is the longest, so far, in Roman numerals?
4 Whose parents met in a Russian class in Hawaii?
5 What video-sharing platform is known as Douyin in China?
6 What’s missing from a Yorkshire dartboard?
7 Which gemstone’s name is from Greek for “not drunk”?
8 Alfred Watkins’ book The Old Straight Track introduced what theory?
What links:
Hoffman; Dumas; Petipa; Tchaikovsky?
10 Emma Stone; Glenn Close; Betty Lou Gerson?
11 Seahorse; emperor penguin; rhea; marmoset; pouched frog?
12 Josephine Butler; George Stephenson; Peter Ustinov; John Snow?
13 Orange; McLaren Vale; Barossa and Yarra Valleys?
14 Ellis (1); Acton (2); Currer (4)?
15 Aisle; business; talk; clue; autumn; listen?

Emperor Penguins
Picked up a point for the penguins? Photograph: Alejandro Jinich Diamant/Getty Images

The answers

1 The Queen’s speech (at state opening of parliament).
2 Greenland.
4 Barack Obama.
5 TikTok.
6 Trebles (and outer bull).
7 Amethyst.
8 Ley lines.
9 Nutcracker ballet: wrote original story; adapted story; choreographed; wrote music.
10 Played Cruella de Vil: 2021 film; 1996 film; 1961 animation.
11 “Caring” fathers of the animal kingdom.
12 Gave names to colleges at Durham University.
13 Australian wine areas.
14 Pseudonyms of Brontë sisters: Emily, Anne and Charlotte (number of completed novels).
15 Words with silent letters: S; I; L; E; N; T.