Mishal Husain responds after Meghan Markle brands engagement interview 'orchestrated reality show'

BBC journalist Mishal Husain has addressed the Duchess of Sussex's comments about the engagement interview she conducted back in 2017.

At the time, the broadcaster was handpicked by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to conduct their first joint TV interview following their engagement announcement.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their engagement interview in 2017

However, in the new Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, the former actress branded the interview an "orchestrated reality show", saying: "We weren't allowed to tell our story."

Speaking with Jonny Dymond on Radio 4's Today programme, the journalist was asked about the remarks. "They also say the interview they did with Mishal was an orchestrated reality show," he shared. "Bit of a blow! I don't know who orchestrated it.

"Maybe it was all Mishal's evil plan, it seemed at the time, I mean I was rather new to the job. It seemed like a rather charming interview of two people quite in love and Mishal lobbing questions at them, that was an orchestrated reality show. We will find out later in this show who the puppeteers really are."

Fellow journalist Justin Webb added: "I've just tried to watch a bit of it here, there is this kind of sense you get from Meghan Markle of the suffocation that she felt when she joined the family."


Mishal Husain was picked to interview Prince Harry and Meghan

In response, Mishal referenced the phrase used by Buckingham Palace following their reaction to the explosive racism allegations levelled by Prince Harry and Meghan in their chat with Oprah Winfrey.

She said: "We know recollections may vary on this particular subject but my recollection is definitely very much, asked to do an interview, and do said interview."


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In the historic interview, the couple appeared happy and relaxed as they spoke about how the "stars were aligned" when they met, how Harry proposed during a cosy night as he cooked a roast chicken dinner and how the now Prince and Princess of Wales had been amazing and wonderful.

Speaking about the interview, Meghan said: "We went right inside. Took the coat off. Sat down and did the interview. It was all in that same moment."

It was organised by the Kensington Palace press office as part of the handling of the announcement of Harry and Meghan's engagement. In the documentary, the couple were asked whether they were prepped with questions they might be asked, with the Duchess saying: "Yeah. But then also like 'and then there'll be a moment when they'll ask to see the ring'."

She added: "My point is we weren’t allowed to tell our story because they didn't want…" with Harry interjecting: "We've never been allowed to tell our story…that's the consistency." Meghan agreed, laughing: "That's true…that is consistent…until now."

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