'It's a miracle!': Former child star comes round from coma

Dawn Lyn has come round from a coma credit:Bang Showbiz
Dawn Lyn has come round from a coma credit:Bang Showbiz

Dawn Lyn is in recovery from a brain operation after being in a coma for months.

The 60-year-old former child actress is known for her role as Dodie Douglas on the 1960s sitcom 'My Three Sons' and underwent surgery for the removal of a brain tumour late last year but fell into a coma and is now awake, in what has been described as a "miracle recovery" by her co-star Tina Cole.

Tina told Fox News Digital on Tuesday (28.02.23): "I saw a call coming in from her number and I expected it to be her husband John calling – he usually does I was in an indoor soccer game for my grandson and I could hardly hear. I stepped outside and was stunned. I heard her voice. It was raspy, but it was her. I just said, ‘Dawn, is that really you?’ She said, ‘Yes, it’s really me.’ The tears just came. I was in shock. And it was just so wonderful. I couldn’t believe it."

Tina went on to add that Dawn - who is the sister of 1970s teen idol Leif Garrett - "wasn't responding" to her last time she visited her in hospital, but is now hoping to vist her on-screen sibling this coming Easter when she is slated to come home.

She added: "The last time I saw her, she was in a neurological rehab unit, and she still wasn’t responding a whole lot to me. So to hear her voice was just thrilling… We had a Christmas miracle when she came out of the coma… And they’re very hopeful that she’ll be home by Easter. Isn’t that great? Miracles do happen. Her husband has said the positive feedback made her very happy, and it helped her heal. And I’m just thrilled that there were so many people out there praying and caring about her. I’m a big believer in the strength of prayer. I’m so looking forward to [seeing her] . I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled we all are that she’s recovering!"