Everyone is going wild for this 'miracle' acne-curing bar of soap – and it costs just £6

Carbon Theory is selling this soap for £6 [Photo: Carbon Theory]

If you suffer with bad acne and uncontrollable breakouts, or have underlying uneven skin, oily skin, or get the odd pimple here and there, listen up!

Acne sufferers are taking to social media to announce they’ve discovered the answer to their skin problems, with the help of a bar of soap which only costs £6.

The alleged ‘miracle’ charcoal soap is made by hot, new start up company Charcoal Theory, which, with it’s stark black and white packaging and lab formulated ingredients is reminiscent of worldwide sensation and beauty brand of the moment, Glossier.

The soap comes as a little black bar, containing natural ingredients like organic activated charcoal, organic tea tree oil and shea butter.

Activated charcoal is well known to make pores smaller and cleaner, whilst absorbing excess oil, reducing the manifestation of more black heads and minimising oily shine.

Tea tree works to remove dry and dead skin and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to reduce redness and burning.

And shea butter is used to soothe, whilst moisturising your skin, leaving your it soft and noticeably brighter.

The bar of soap lathers like any normal bar, and just like you did when your mum made you scrub your face as a kid, you lather it up, rub it all over your face, wait for 30 seconds and rinse.

Amazingly, people using the soap have seen signs of improvement in less than a week, with people claiming it’s more effective than prescribed, medicated treatments.

Celebrity fans of the little wonder bar include ‘Made in Chelsea”s Rosie Fortescue and blogger and Marie Claire contributor, Roxie Nafousi.

As the Instagram circus around this product cranks up, the testimonials pour in…

One user said: “Carbon Theory has been a revelation. In only five days my skin was clearer, softer and no new break outs. Carbon Theory is a miracle in a little black bar!”

Another gushed: “The cleansing bar has been amazing, reduced the redness in my cheeks and left my skin so soft, 10/10.”

So where can you get your hands on Carbon Theory’s charcoal soap?

It’s being sold online but it’s also stocked in Boots, which makes it not only affordable, but very accessible.

But be quick, because it’s flying off shelves – and that’s a little cube of goodness we want to get our hands on.

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