Minnie Driver believes in ghosts

Minnie Driver says “there are too many ghosts” in her life for them not to be real.

The ‘Speechless’ star recently tapped into the scripted podcast world by starring in ‘The Lesser Dead’ - a supernatural series adapted from Christopher Buehlman’s novel of the same name - and she has her own beliefs when it comes to the paranormal.

When asked whether she thought the super natural exists, she told Stylist magazine: “I think it does, there are just too many ghosts in my life for it not to be.

"The idea that we would be the only thing in the universe that isn’t recyclable energetically seems absurd to me.”

Minnie, 52, who’s recently adopted a spiritual mind, believed the meaning of life had many possible answers.

She added: “For some, it’s power, money, love, family. Maybe it’s a mixture, I don’t believe there’s something grail that will explain it all. It’s experiencing life as fully as you can.

“I want to know in my bones that life didn’t have to look any different and that any notion of failure is specious and stupid. And that my son will be OK.”

Meanwhile, the actress rose to fame as Skylar Satenstein in 1997’s ‘Good Will Hunting’, and she has revealed a “rank and revolting” remark directed to her by Harvey Weinstein when she first auditioned for the part, which heavily impacted her confidence.

Speaking on 'The Ryan Tubridy Show' on RTÉ Radio 1 on Thursday (16.06.22), Minnie - who has commented on the interaction before - said: "He said, when I auditioned for ‘Good Will Hunting’, and it was a powerful, amazing moment. I think auditions are extremely powerful, I was as much auditioning them as they were auditioning me.

"But Harvey Weinstein said that he wasn't going to hire me for this movie because I was 'un********', in his words. He was very open about this, he said this to the casting director and to my agent and ultimately to me.

"At the time, I was a 26-year-old young woman, already with the general insecurities that come with being a young woman, and to have this powerful man bring this word down upon my head and my body on myself was terrible,

"It was terrible and something I would negotiate with in my head for a really long time afterwards.”