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All I want for Valentine's Day is this heart-themed mini Le Creuset Dutch oven

It's great for small dishes like French onion soup, mac and cheese and so much more. Plus, it's so cute!

In case you missed it, Valentine's Day is almost here. While classic gifts include things like flower bouquets, chocolates and jewelry, I told my fiancé that I only have eyes for one thing (well, two things including him) — and that's this Valentine's Day-themed Le Creuset mini Dutch oven. Made in the iconic Cerise shade this special Le Creuset mini cocotte is topped with a gold heart knob. It's super subtle when it comes to Valentine's Day-themed goodies, meaning I can use and display it 24/7/365, and I definitely will.

While a standard-sized Le Creuset Dutch Oven can cost hundreds of dollars, this $32 cocotte is accessibly priced and will bring me (and my fiancé and everyone else in the world who buys it) so much joy.

The mini Le Creuset is oven-safe up to 400 degrees, comes in a glossy, romantic red and features an adorable gold heart-shaped knob.

$32 at Le Creuset

The Le Creuset mini cocottes are charming, timeless cookware pieces if you’re looking for your very own Le Creuset without investing in a Dutch Oven yet. The tiny bakeware is ideal for making individual-sized dishes like baked mac and cheese, French onion soup and dips, as well as roasting garlic. While the classic cocottes are also great, I really bow down to the French cookware brand for this darling heart-knob version.

The stoneware design of this Le Creuset mini cocotte allows you to throw them in the freezer, broiler, oven, microwave and dishwasher. The nonstick enamel interior retains and makes cleanup a breeze. We love to see it.

How great is this going to look out on display? (Le Creuset)
How great is this going to look out on display? (Le Creuset)

"This cocotte was highly requested by the Mrs. and I was quite pleased to see her reaction," shared one Le Creuset shopper. "While it is true that something of this size is not the most practical for routine use, it has a very nice look to it and presents well even when used unconventionally as a dish for appetizers. Would purchase again."

Other shoppers from Sur La Table and Nordstrom have called the mini Le Creuset a "happy little thing" and a "beautiful" addition to the table. Basically, it's the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

The cocotte can also be used for food prep and storing ingredients! When I'm not actively using it to bake, I'm going to fill it with salt for everyday cooking needs.

$32 at Le Creuset

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