Mince Pie Lovers – Round Up! Asda's Selling A GIANT Mince Pie For Christmas

We're days away from October, and it's pretty safe to say that Christmas preparations are in full swing. What with Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Tesco revealing Christmas ranges, Nespresso launching advent calendars and Häagen-Dazs unveiling a festive ice cream collection, there's just 87 sleeps until the big day and we couldn't be more excited to put summer behind us, and move onto all things wintery and festive.

So, with that, let us put you onto something that's already been doing the rounds on social, and filling fans with the Christmas feels: Asda's Giant Mince Pie.

Not your average mince pie, this extra-large edition from Asda comes encased in an all-butter, orange zest pastry and it only costs £4.50 a pie. Great for sharing (or tucking into all on your own) it comes with three-month matured mincemeat for the absolute best flavour. Now, who's for a trip to their nearest Asda?

Spotted online via Snack News & Reviews on Facebook, the Giant Mince Pie has received quite the response from likeminded mince pie fanatics. One person commented, "get me to Asda!!" while another tagged a friend and said, "perfect, now we can actually eat ONE mince pie and not the whole box."

Elsewhere in the world of festive news, M&S recently unveiled its Christmas range for 2022. With everything from light-up chocolate boxes to musical gingerbread houses, and bottled cocktails to shortbread projection tins, Marks & Spencer has even released its food-to-order service.