Milo Ventimiglia shares message for fans upset over his marriage

Milo Ventimiglia shares message for fans upset over his marriage

Milo Ventimiglia has addressed the fans who have expressed upset over his recent marriage.

In October 2023, the Hollywood star revealed he was a taken man. Ventimiglia, 46, secretly tied the knot with Jarah Mariano, 38. The two had been dating for about a year before hosting their intimate nuptials. Unfortunately, Ventimiglia’s fans weren’t as thrilled with the news of his vows. A few couldn’t help but draw connections between his new wife and his former character on Gilmore Girls.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel’s eponymous late-night talk show, the This Is Us actor admitted he understood why so many people were referencing his old role, Jess Mariano.

“It’s a very easy connection to make,” he told the host. In his fans’ eyes, Ventimiglia had replaced Jess with a new Mariano, Jarah. Only this Mariano is a Victoria’s Secret model from Hawaii. However, fans were mostly sad that the heartthrob was officially taken.

“What’s the point anymore?” a devastated X, formerly known as Twitter, user wrote.

“I’m sure there’s a few broken hearts... Female and male, I don’t know. Maybe?” Ventimiglia said to Kimmel. “The point is there’s a lot of life, and there’s a lot of Milo Ventimiglias out there.”

Though a portion of Ventimiglia’s audience would prefer him to be single, they loved watching his on-screen marriage to Mandy Moore in This Is Us. Moore and Ventimiglia played Rebecca and Jack Pearson on the six-season show. Rebecca is Jack’s widow.

In reality, Moore is married to Taylor Goldsmith. The two welcomed their son Gus in 2021. At the time, Ventimiglia reflected on his co-star’s ability as a parent.

“I’ve said it so many times, but Mandy and Taylor are just the most lovely people, and the kind of people you want to be parents, raising someone, especially considering what the world is,” he noted to Entertainment Tonight.

“Knowing they’re in charge of someone that will make a huge impact, hopefully, in the world, it’s exciting. I’m just super excited [to be] supporting the two of them... Whatever the kid needs for the rest of their life, I’ll be there,” he continued. “As I understand it from other friends who have kids, it’s like the second your baby’s born your world changes, you are at that point now living for that new life, so I imagine things have changed for Mandy.”

Ventimiglia and Mariano have yet to reveal plans for expanding their family. If they ever do, it likely won’t be on Instagram as both A-listers aren’t ones to post much on social media.