Millie Mackintosh reveals breast cancer scare after finding lump in breast

Former Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh has revealed that a shock breast cancer scare “spiralled” into health anxiety after she found a lump in her left breast.

The 34-year-old, who shares two children with her husband and former co-star Hugo Taylor, detailed the various tests she underwent as health professionals tried to find the cause of the growth.

In a post to her 1.3 million followers on Instagram on Thursday (23 May) the star revealed she had a “clear diagnosis” but encouraged women to check their breasts.

“Ladies make sure you check your breasts!” she wrote. “Firstly, I want to say, I’m incredibly fortunate that my experience of finding a lump resulted in a clear diagnosis... Last month I discovered a lump on the edge of my left breast.

“Although I tried to stop my mind from racing, the worry crept in very quickly. I knew this was not something to ignore so I booked in with my GP.”

Mackintosh explained that her GP then referred her for an ultrasound scan rather than a mammogram due to her age. After the results were inconclusive, a biopsy was required.

At this point, she says “all rational thinking went out the window and I spiralled into my health anxiety”.

Despite a lack of family history of the illness, good physical health, age and early detection all on her side, the star “couldn’t quieten my mind”.

Mackintosh said the experience led her to ‘spiral’ into health anxiety (Instagram @milliemackintosh)
Mackintosh said the experience led her to ‘spiral’ into health anxiety (Instagram @milliemackintosh)

She says she decided to “take a more positive approach” and filled her days with family and close friends, although she found anxious thoughts would return at night.

She recalls the “elation” unlike any other she had experienced when she found her results were clear.

“Results day finally arrived and the relief of a benign lump with no detection of dangerous cancerous cells, was an elation I had never felt before. It’s believed the lump was likely caused by hormonal changes and didn’t need removing.”

She encouraged women to take the checks seriously as she said: “Please put a few minutes aside for your monthly MOT and don’t put it off! We’re so lucky to be surrounded by those who tirelessly campaign for awareness.”

Fans praised the star for a “great post raising awareness” as others sent messages of support saying: “Glad everything was OK.”