Millie Bobby Texts Ariana For Outfit Advice

Photo credit: Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved
Photo credit: Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

From Cosmopolitan UK

We all have that one BFF/sister who we just have to send pictures of every outfit we wear to. How else will we know for sure that what we're wearing is the cutest ever?

Which is why we love that celebrities are no different as proved by Millie Bobby Brown sending Ariana Grande pics of her outfit for the Globes to see what the singer thought.

Now, anyone identifying as Millie Bobby Brown's biggest fan, you can just chill, ok? Because you might think you love Millie the most, but Ariana Grande loves her more.

When Millie wore this ruffled work of art to the Golden Globes, Ariana FREAKED over her friend's fabulousness.

She put your double text to shame by blowing up Millie's phone with a hilarious storm of supportive texts.

Photo credit: Instagram Stories/@milliebobbybrown
Photo credit: Instagram Stories/@milliebobbybrown

I mean her reaction was totally valid, though. That dress was fire – and as Ari said, ~like yes to the back.~

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