Millie Bobby Brown says she ‘doesn’t know anything about skincare’ despite own beauty brand

Millie Bobby Brown has revealed she “doesn’t know anything about beauty and skincare” despite having founded her own beauty brand.

The Stranger Things star, 18, launched Florence by Mills in 2019. She named the project in honour of her great grandmother – described on the brand’s wesbite as “a woman who embraced herself and did things that made her happy all her life.”

In an interview with Allure, Bobby Brown said she initially intended the “clean beauty” brand to be a small diversion away from her acting career, but the business has boomed since its release and her products are now a mainstay on shelves worldwide.

Despite the success of her brand, the Enola Holmes actor claims to have no knowledge of the beauty world.

“That’s why I created this,” she insisted. “I’m going to take you on this journey with me, so we can learn more about botanicals, serums, fruit and vegetable extracts, enzymes.

“Things that are so important for your skin, but we don’t know about because we’re young. Everything’s anti-ageing, everything is depuffing. We don’t know what that means.”

She continued: “I need to know more. And I know our generation needs to know more.”

Bobby Brown went on to open up about online hate and said she now only communicates directly with her fans via blog posts on the Florence by Mills wesbite where “nobody can comment.”

Describing the vitriol she receives, she explained: “It’s really hard to be hated on when you don’t know who you are yet.

“So it’s like, ‘What do they hate about me? ’Cause I don’t know who I am.’ It’s almost like, ‘Okay, I’m going to try being this today.’ [And then they say], ‘Oh, no, I hate that.’ ‘Okay. Forget that. I’m going to try being this today.’ ‘Oh, my God! I hate when you do that.’ Then you just start shutting down because you’re like, ‘Who am I meant to be? Who do they need me to be for them?’

“Then I started to grow more, and my family and friends really helped. It helped to be able to understand that I don’t need to be anything they said that I need to be. I just have to develop within myself. That’s what I did.”