Millie Bobby Brown launches clothing line

Millie Bobby Brown has launched a clothing line credit:Bang Showbiz
Millie Bobby Brown has launched a clothing line credit:Bang Showbiz

Millie Bobby Brown has expanded her beauty business into fashion by launching a clothing line.

The 'Stranger Things' star set up her Florence By Mills brand in 2019 selling products including skincare, make-up, fragrance and hair accessories, and now she's added Florence By Mills Fashion to offer comfy yet stylish outfits that allow "people to feel like they’re wearing pyjamas".

The actress told Elle magazine: "I wanted to create really stretchy, soft materials that girls felt comfortable with going to school, going to work, things like that. I want people to feel like they’re wearing pajamas, but they’re able to go outside. That’s what I like. I want to wear pyjamas to work.

"I could follow trends, but Florence isn’t about following trends. There’s a lot of that going on, especially on social media platforms, where you’re able to get this temporary satisfaction of everybody’s doing this, so we all have to do this. I don’t know if that’s the message that I want to put out there. Everyone has their individuality. Everybody sees things in a different perspective, and I want people to be able to really form their own style, opinion, perspective with Florence, whether that be with make-up and skin care or with our apparel ... "

Millie also revealed one of her favourite products in the fashion line was one of the first she came up with. She added: "I want to be able to wear boxer shorts to bed.

"That was literally the first thing that came to me when I was making [this collection], I was like: 'We need to make boxer shorts for girls'."

She expanded on her plans for comfy clothes in an interview with WWD, adding: "We're all going to work or college, and I want to wear something that's comfortable for me that if I want to show some skin, I can, but if I'm feeling insecure that day, I want to be able to have an outfit that I can have as a go-to on and feel good in.

"It always starts from those thoughts. Is anyone else feeling like this? Maybe they are!"