Millennial Parents, What Are The Biggest Differences Between Your Children's Lives Vs. How You Grew Up?

Things can change pretty quickly from generation to generation. And right now, if you're a millennial parenting Gen Alpha (and even young Gen Z kids!) — there may be certain differences you've picked up on that actually surprise you.

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So, millennial parents, we want to know: How do your children's lives differ from how you grew up?

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Like, maybe you grew up playing Game Boys and didn't have a cellphone until high school, so you've been amazed at how much technology your kids already have access to — and you can share how you think it has positively OR negatively impacted them.

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Perhaps you've seen stories like how this mom shared that her 9-year-old was made fun of at school for not having the viral Stanley Tumbler. And so, you've felt a lot of pressure to buy certain products for your kids, and you've also witnessed the pressure your kids have experienced among their peers to fit in.

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From new slang to interesting trends, maybe you've picked up on shocking differences when it comes to what your kids and their friends like to do for fun, how they socialize, or even what they're learning at school.

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Or perhaps there are ways you're choosing to parent your kids that are different from how your parents raised you, and you can comment on why you made those changes and what you've observed.

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Millennial parents, in the comments below, tell us how your children's lives differ from how you grew up. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to use this Google form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.