Milla Jovovich reveals her 'horrific' abortion experience: 'I cannot remain silent when so much is at stake'

Actress Milla Jovovich revealed Tuesday that she had an emergency abortion two years ago and that it was “one of the most horrific experiences” she has ever gone through.

The Resident Evil star said she was sharing her story in the wake of restrictive abortion laws making their way through legislatures of several politically conservative states. In Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp this month signed a bill outlawing abortion after a heartbeat is detected, usually six weeks into a pregnancy, before some women even know they’re expecting.

“I don’t like to get political and I try to only do it if a really have to and this is one of those times,” she began. “If someone doesn’t want to continue reading, you have been warned.”

Actress Milla Jovovich visits Build at Build Studio on April 8, 2019, in New York City. (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)
Actress Milla Jovovich visits Build at Build Studio on April 8, 2019, in New York City. (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Jovovich, who married film producer and writer Paul W.S. Anderson in 2009, went on to explain that she was four-and-a-half months pregnant and shooting on location in Europe when she went into preterm labor. She recalled being told that she had to be awake for the entire painful procedure.

“It was one of the most horrific experiences I have ever gone through,” Jovovich said. “I still have nightmares about it. I was alone and helpless. When I think about the fact that women might have to face abortions in even worse conditions than I did because of new laws, my stomach turns.”

After the abortion, Jovovich said she went into a depression that required a lot of hard work, even time off from her career, to overcome.

“Thank God I was able to find my way out of that personal hell without turning to medication, but the memory of what I went through and what I lost will be with me till the day I die,” said Jovovich, who turned to gardening, more frequent workouts and healthy eating. “Abortion is a nightmare at its best. No woman wants to go through that. But we have to fight to make sure our rights are preserved to obtain a safe one if we need to.”

Jovovich is the mother of two daughters with Anderson: 11-year-old Ever and Dashiel, 4.

She said it wasn’t something she wanted to talk about. “But I cannot remain silent when so much is at stake,” Jovovich said.

She spoke out a day after fellow actress Jameela Jamil shared that she had an abortion when she was young. The Good Place star called it the best decision she ever made. “Both for me, and for the baby I didn’t want, and wasn’t ready for, emotionally, psychologically and financially,” Jamil added.

Several production companies and actors have vowed not to film in Georgia since the abortion ban was enacted.

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