Milan Is Trying to Ban Late-Night Pizza and Ice Cream Sales — Here's Why

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Milan, Italy is looking for a little peace and quiet. So, it's doing the obvious thing — potentially banning pizza and ice cream after midnight. 

Euro News
reported that the city's government filed a legislative starting paper that, if passed, would bar all takeaway food sales after 12:30 a.m. on weekdays and 1:30 a.m. on weekends and public holidays. The ban would include pizza, ice cream, and takeaway drinks. The ban would also mean that bars and restaurants would be required to close outdoor areas at the same time.

The ban would apply to 12 districts in Milan, the Independent reported, including Nolo, Lazzaretto, Melzo, Isola, Sarpi, Via Cesariano, Arco della Pace, Como-GaeAulenti, Porta Garibaldi, Brera, Ticinese, and Darsena-Navigli, and would go into effect sometime in the next month and go until November (aka throughout the summer tourist season).

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According to Euro News, mayor Giuseppe Sala supports the legislation as he sees “a sizeable segment of the population is complaining about excessive noise," adding, “In my role, I have to listen to all citizens, including those who have to work and those who want to do their business."

However, not all locals feel the ban would be in their best interest, especially as it flies in the face of Italian culture. 

“What does the average Italian family do in the summer? They go for a stroll after dinner and get an ice cream,” Marco Barbieri, secretary general for the Milan unit of Confcommercio, the Italian retailers’ association, told the Observer. "It’s a classic tradition, and so it’s clear that if you interfere with this type of cultural habit, people won’t be happy.”

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Italians have until May to appeal or suggest changes to the legislation, the Independent reported. Which they may indeed do, considering this isn't the first time local lawmakers have suggested the same ban.

In 2013, Milan's city council tried to pass a similar late-night food ban. However, it was met with such extreme backlash that then-mayor Giuliano Pisapia had to not just pull the ban but clarify things as well. “If there was a mistake on our part, it’s already been corrected," Pisapia said at the time, according to the Independent. Milanesi and non-Milanesi can eat ice cream day and night anywhere they like." 

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