Miguel Ángel Silvestre on a Sense8 revival: ‘Sometimes I dream about that’

Sense8 star Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Sense8's Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Image: Netflix)

One of the stars of the beloved Netflix drama Sense8, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, has said he dreams of the series being revived.

The actor starred as Lito Rodriguez in both seasons of the drama, which heavily revolved around LGBTQ+ characters, including Lito. The story revolved around a group of eight people – Sensates – around the world who are linked mentally and emotionally. They are also able to share their knowledge and abilities with one another. In its run the show explored themes such as identity and sexuality, receiving praise for its LGBTQ+ characters.

Speaking exclusively to Attitude on the red carpet of the Magnum x Troye Sivan party in Cannes on Thursday (16 May) Silvestre said he’d “love” a Sense8 revival.

“I think about that many times. Hopefully one day, we’ll see,” he added. “It would be so nice if we can gather all together again.” He went on to say that he though the sci-fi show “was very special for the audience.” Silvestre then said: “So, hopefully. Sometimes I dream about that,” in what is sure to make the hearts of fans of the LGBTQ+ drama soar.

Sense8 has always received strong support from audiences. The show holds an 86% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and consistently scored high elsewhere with audiences. Sense8 ran for two seasons between 2015 and 2018 and was cancelled in 2017 but not before it was wrapped up in a two-and-a-half-hour series finale.

Responding to fan’s dismay at the time, Netflix wrote that “We’ve seen the petitions. We’ve read the messages. We know you want to #RenewSense8, and we wish we could #BringBackSense8 for you.  The reason we’ve taken so long to get back to you is because we’ve thought long and hard here at Netflix to try to make it work but unfortunately we can’t. Thank you for watching and hope you’ll stay close with your cluster around the world.”

It has since been revealed that one of the reasons behind Sense8‘s cancellation was it was too expensive to produce. Silvestre starred alongside starred Aml Ameen, Bae Doona, Jamie Clayton, Tina Desai, Tuppence Middleton, Max Riemelt, and Brian J. Smith.

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