Mifflinburg Area students have their art on display, for sale at 45W gallery

May 8—MIFFLINBURG — Art students in Mifflinburg Area School District have an opportunity in May to display and sell their artwork at a local gallery.

Any money made from displaying the artwork at 45W, located at 374 Chestnut St., can either be kept or donated to a charity of the student's choice. The artwork from 70 students in fourth and fifth grades is for sale each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in May.

"It's a great boost to their confidence as budding artists to both display and sell art in the community," said Mifflinburg Area Intermediate School art teacher Kaitlyn Carey. "It brings a smile to people's faces when they come into the shop. All of their art is so uniquely them and so much of their personalities shine through each piece. I love it when the kids come to me and ask if they can donate their earnings from art sales. It's a wonderful conversation to have about giving back to our community."

Participating students submit their artwork — canvases, drawings, origami, polymer clay and paper mache — to Carey along with their signed permission slips. Submitted artwork can be any artwork made by students this school year either in art class, in art club or at home. For many students, Carey made copies of their art club sketchbook pages that they have been doodling in since the beginning of the school year and she has either framed or matted those drawings, according to Carey.

This is the third year for the partnership with 45W and owner Dani Reber, said Carey.

"Dani allowed us to come one Saturday for our show that year and it was a hit," she said. "Dani has begun a rotation of featured artists on the walls of the cafe, each reserved a month at a time. Dani has graciously reserved her wall space for us (art club) for the entire month of May. We are so grateful for this experience."

Each student has the choice to keep those earnings or donate them to a charity of their choice. Several students have asked to donate all or a portion of their earnings to Mr. Larry Hornberger's Memorial Scholarship fund, Joslyn Flickinger's Family and Reese Conklin's Family. Reese Conklin, 16, a sophomore at Mifflinburg Area High School, died on April 12 in a house fire. Last year, 9-year-old Joslyn Noelle Flickinger, a Mifflinburg fourth-grade student, died on Sept. 5 due to injuries from a fallen tree. Third-grade teacher Larry Hornberger died unexpectedly on April 29 at his home.

"I actually want to be an art teacher like Miss Carey when I grow up," said fourth-grader Jovie Buck, 10, who has a firefly painting on canvas displayed. "I like being able to express myself with art."

Fourth-grader Hunter Stahl, 10, also has a sketchbook drawing of football players on display.

"I like how they (the community) can come and look at and enjoy what we drew," said Stahl.

Fourth-grader Lucy Walter plans to donate some of her earnings to her church.

"I've never had it (artwork) on display like this before," said Walter. "I'm happy because I couldn't do it last year in third grade. I'm really happy it's all on display."

Her favorite piece on display is one of trees, one made with oil pastels on a canvas.

"People (students) worked really hard on it," said Walter. "I just think everyone should join art club because it's really fun and you can make art with Miss Carey."

May 18 will be the last day to purchase student work. May 22 will be the last day to view the artwork during 45W's weekday cafe hours.