Midwife viewers praise "outstanding" acting from sitcom legend

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

From Prima

Call the Midwife's eighth series moved forward with its second episode tonight (January 20), and it continued to impress.

The main focus of the episode was Lucille (Leonie Elliott) trying to help a stubborn old lady called Clarice Milgrove (Annette Crosby, famous for her timeless role as One Foot in the Grave's Margaret Meldrew), who was suffering with a leg ulcer.

Clarice's house with full of junk she had hoarded over the years, which caused tension with the authority who were threatening to move her into a home. As we discovered, Clarice had been wrapping up her poo in newspapers and stuffing them up the chimney, showing that she was struggling more than she was letting on.

As Clarice and Lucille bonded, she gifted the latter a medal that revealed her involvement in the suffragettes, which added even more tragedy to her story and thematically tied into the sub-plot of Violet Buckle (Annabelle Apsion) running for the local council. Lucille couldn't do anything to stop Clarice being moved to a home, but managed to convince her to leave of her own free will with dignity rather than be forcibly removed.

Meanwhile, a third plotline centred on a family from Ghana who were discovered to be suffering with sickle cell anaemia, a topic that isn't covered very often on television.

It was Clarice's story that really touched viewers' hearts tonight, with viewers praising the emotional performance from the sitcom legend, with one even calling for her to get a BAFTA.

With last week's illegal abortion storyline leaving viewers "completely broken", Call the Midwife is seemingly on a mission to reduce us all to tears every Sunday night.

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