Midterms 2022: Is there school on election day?

The 2022 midterm elections will take place on Tuesday 8 November. As Americans prepare for the high-stakes race, many parents and students alike are wondering: Are schools closed on election day?

Election Day is not a federal holiday in the United States, but some states across the country have passed legislation to observe the date as a legal holiday. This means that a number of schools in certain states will be closed, while others will remain open. In some cases, schools may also serve as polling locations, causing schools to close as well.

As Election Day approaches, it’s important to check with local school districts for updates on school closures.

According to the Movement Advancement Project, states including New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Louisiana have declared Election Day a civic holiday.

As a result, some government offices in these states will be closed on Tuesday, apart from designated polling locations. However, this doesn’t guarantee that all schools in these states will be closed on Election Day.

For example, New York City schools will be closed on Tuesday, with no remote instruction to be given as well. But in New Jersey, where Election Day is a state holiday, the decision to close schools is made by local districts. According to the Delaware Department of Education, a majority of school districts in Delaware will observe Election Day as well.

There are still nearly 20 states in the US that do not celebrate Election Day as a public holiday. But depending on where you live, some employers must allow time off for people wanting to cast their vote and, in some cases, employers must even provide paid time off for voting.

California, for instance, does not regonise Election Day as a public holiday. Still, employers in California are required to provide paid time off for voters who must vote during work hours. Meanwhile, Florida doesn’t observe Election Day as a public holiday, and workers in Florida are also not given paid time off for voting.

While a number of schools and public offices will be closed on Election Day, some business will still remain open during the day. The US Postal Service will continue to deliver mail on Tuesday, seeing as many Americans will be casting their votes via absentee ballot through the mail. Banks, and banking services such as ATM machines and online banking, should also remain normal throughout Election Day.

Election Day is Tuesday 8 November. Polls across the country are expected to open between 6am-8am and should close between 7pm-8pm.