Microsoft Is Reportedly Considering Launching 'Indiana Jones and the Great Circle' on PS5

Last month, Microsoft gave fans a closer look at the forthcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle during its Xbox Developer Direct event, a title in development at MachineGames and Bethesda Softworks since January 2021.

While the game is highly anticipated, due sometime later this year, it’s expected to launch solely on Windows and, as a console exclusive, on Xbox Series X/S. The news was obviously disappointing to PlayStation owners, who wouldn’t be able to stream the title.

New reports are suggesting that Bethesda may amend its approach to support other consoles, namely the PlayStation 5. According to The Verge, a source familiar with Microsoft’s plans for Indiana Jones says that Bethesda is considering bringing the title to PS5.

The rumor is apparently part of an even greater plan, where Microsoft may keep some future games Xbox exclusives but will allow others to be published for the Switch or PS5, per The Verge.

The current consideration would still see Indiana Jones and the Great Circle launch on Xbox with a short period of exclusivity before it's brought to the competing console. Microsoft is reportedly eyeing a December 2024 release for the game, followed by a PS5 launch a few months later.