Mickey Rourke slates 'irrelevant' Tom Cruise

Appearing on Piers Morgan Uncensored, actor Mickey Rourke was asked his opinion on Tom Cruise who is enjoying success with Top Gun: Maverick. “I got no respect for that… I don't care about money and power," he said.

Video transcript

MICKEY ROURKE: I got no respect for that.


MICKEY ROURKE: I don't get-- I don't give a-- no. Yeah, really, brother. I don't care about money and power. I care about when I watch Al Pacino work and Chris Walken and De Niro's early work and Richard Harris' work and Ray Winstone's work, that's the kind of actor I want to be like. Monte Cliff and Brando back in the day and a lot of guys that just try to stretch as actors, be the--

PIERS MORGAN: You don't think Tom Cruise is a good actor?

MICKEY ROURKE: I think he's irrelevant in my world.