Michelle Pfeiffer has chopped off her signature long hair in a major beauty transformation

Michelle Pfeiffer has cut off her long blonde tresses and all I want to do is crack a C.O.O.L, H.A.I.R reference 1 but I'm not actually sure anyone else ever watched Grease 2. But she has chopped her hair and it is indeed cool.

Cutting her hair into a sharp blunt bob, Michelle called it; "A long overdue chop." The shorter length feels so 90s Michelle, while the blunt cut is very fresh and current (any way I try to phrase that makes me sound like a grandma trying to be hip, it's something I've now accepted). Take a look at her new hairstyle below:

Just last week, the actor appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, sporting long blonde hair down way past her shoulders, so this new look was a considerable snip. Her trademark blonde colour is still pretty consistent but she just looks so different with the new style. I'm kind of mesmerised.

michelle pfeiffer short hair
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The mastermind behind it, Chris McMillan (also hairstylist to the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Selma Blair), explained the theory behind the cut, telling fans and followers; "CHOP. Sometimes just a simple blunt cut at the collar bone does the trick, I always like to use the body and face shape to judge length. Sometimes keeping it simple makes a huge difference ✂️💥". And it really does feel like this cut was totally made for Michelle's face structure.

The haircut went down well with the pair's celeb pals too, with JVN calling the cut "Major 😍😍😍," and Michelle's First Ladies co-star Viola Davis dubbing it; "Beautiful ❤️".

While Chris’ client Selma Blair was singing everyone's praises; "The famous McMillan window apres cut shot 📸. Love it. And you. And that master of hair chops @mrchrismcmillan ♥️"

Sorry, please can I be in this gang?

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