Michael Urie gushes over America Ferrera's Barbie performance

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Michael Urie has gushed over America Ferrera's "terrific" performance in Barbie.

The actor has revealed that he sent his Ugly Betty co-star a photo of himself watching Barbie, which has become 2023's biggest film.

"She is so good in Barbie and it was very cool to go," the 43-year-old told People of America, 39, who played Gloria in the blockbuster.

He continued, "It was so cool to see and she is just terrific in it, and it was cool to let her know afterwards, send her a picture of us and say, we went to see this with our nephew and everything."

Michael and America starred opposite each other in Ugly Betty, which aired from 2006 until 2010. The series saw America play the lead character Betty Suarez, while Michael played Marc St. James.

During the interview, Michael shared that many of the Ugly Betty cast members still "keep in touch".

"Certainly anytime an anniversary comes around - I think we just had our (17th) year since the show premiered or something like that, which is wild," he stated. "I keep in touch with (co-star) Becki Newton all the time. We text almost every day."

The Shrinking actor added that the comedy/drama series has recently gained a new generation of viewers.

"It's reaching this whole new generation of people," he said. "I get to hear from people on the autograph line outside Spamalot say, 'My mom just showed me Ugly Betty because she grew up with it.'"

Michael is currently playing Brave Sir Robin in Monty Python's Spamalot on Broadway.