Michael Palin, 80, vows to continue to work after wife's death

Michael Palin has said he cannot live in the past following his heartbreak over his wife Helen's death.

Credit: Lorraine / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

MICHAEL PALIN: I think, you know, you can't live in the past. You can't say, everything is stopped now. I'm just going to live for the past. You've got to go on, and I'm lucky, because I do get some work, and I get to go around the world and be paid for it, which is terrific. And I want to continue to do that, if I can.

- Yes.

MICHAEL PALIN: Because it puts you in touch with human life. It also gives me physical and mental energy.

- Of course it does.

MICHAEL PALIN: Which is really important for your morale. Otherwise, you kind of feel--

- But you've got.