Michael Kors has bold goal for racy Miley Cyrus collaboration

Michael Kors would love to dress Miley Cyrus "as sexy and naked as possible".

The 64-year-old iconic fashion designer - who founded his own company in 1981 - is no stranger to celebrities wearing his outfits, and he already has big plans in mind for a potential collaboration with the 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker.

He told Variety: "I thought she rocked Bob Mackie like nobody’s business, so I need to get her as sexy and naked as possible."

He explained that Miley has "never" actually sported his fashion house's designs, but the door is wide open as he's a huge fan of her "energy".

He said: "Miley Cyrus has never worn Michael Kors! I just I love her. I love her talent. I love her energy. Miley, Come on down!"

It's been a fascinating career for Michael, whose first celebrity collaboration came in the early 1980s when 'The Mod Squad' star Peggy Lipton - who died aged 72 in 2019 after a 15-year battle with colon cancer- came into his store in Los Angeles.

He recalled: "The very first celebrity I dressed in Los Angeles under my own label was at a store called Lina Lee on Rodeo Drive. It was the early ‘80s.

"I called and asked how it was going. They said, 'One of our best customers came in. She bought one of everything and she looked spectacular. You would love how she looked.'

"They said, 'It was Peggy Lipton.' I was like, 'Peggy Lipton from ‘Mod Squad,’ my favorite person in the world?'

Another early standout was Barbra Streisand, who bought a whole collection of "men's pieces".

He added: "Then shortly thereafter, I was messing around and we made a few men’s pieces.

"Tommy Perse at Maxfield bought them but said he wasn’t intending on selling them for men, that women would buy it. Barbra Streisand bought all of it."