MIA sets up ‘tin foil hat’ range to block 5G waves and ‘save the future of humanity’

MIA sets up ‘tin foil hat’ range to block 5G waves and ‘save the future of humanity’

Musician MIA has released a new range of tin foil hats that she said blocks 5G waves, as she suggests the brand could help save the future of humanity.

The 48-year-old “Paper Planes” singer launched her clothing brand, OHMNI, last week, describing it as “the armour of the modern knight in the age of technological warfare”. MIA, whose real name is Mia Matangi, has recently drawn criticism for aligning with broadcasters accused of promoting conspiracy theories, including Alex Jones.

The sales pitch claims the hats, made with pure Copper and Nickel Faraday fabric, provide 100 per cent brain coverage. As well as a reversible two-tone design, the bucket hat is said to block 99.9 per cent of Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G from reaching the wearer’s brain.

Alongside the hats, the brand also offers a “full protection poncho”, made with 48 per cent pure copper nickel and a “liquid chrome effect textile”. The poncho purports to “become invisible to thermal imaging drones and UAVs”. It is also said to block 99.9 per cent of Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, bluetooth, RFID, GPS, satellite, and EMF radiation.

Claims of damage from 5G and WiFi have been widely debunked by experts.

OHMNI’s website describes its mission as follows: “In the time of smart cities, digital crypto, AI, NeuraLink, hackable humans, zero privacy, deepmind, internal body data harvesting, and indiscriminate tracking surveillance, mind data mining, social media overload, augmented reality, social credit system, virtual dystopian mindfield, we bring you the revolutionary future of fashion.”

The clothing company describes itself as the “last frontier at preserving your privacy, autonomy, and rights over your body and your data”.

It continues: “This is not your artist foray into fashion. This is a necessity. The armour of the modern knight in the age of modern technological warfare. You might think of the war zone as far away from where you are, yet in 2024, even your house is a digital battlefield.”

Singer donned ‘protection poncho’ in Instagram post (Instagram @miamatangi)
Singer donned ‘protection poncho’ in Instagram post (Instagram @miamatangi)

It further states: “Future backwards is R U TUF. If the conspiracy theorists are wrong, good for you, you own some beautiful clothes made with pure silver and precious metals. But, if they are right, you just might have saved the future of humanity. Welcome to OHMNI. I could be a genius, I could be a cheat.”

In a post following the launch, the singer shared a picture of a handbag with the OHMNI logo, suggesting it could be the next item to be launched.

“So censored and real you’d think it’s conspiracy,” she wrote in the Instagram caption to the image. “But this is true Def of revolutionary clothing.”

Fans were divided as one wrote: “So sad to see someone I once supported completely incinerate her career and become a complete nutjob.”

However, others described the work as “visionary” and “amazing”, while one person requested, “Can you guys make eyewear to prevent the smart lamps that track you with your eyes please?”