Met Gala fans recreate iconic celebrity outfits to mark the event’s planned date

Fans have recreated some very memorable looks. (Getty Images)
Fans have recreated some very memorable looks. (Getty Images)

When one of the biggest nights on the fashion calendar was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, fans questioned how they’d get their yearly fashion fix.

The event, hosted by Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, was due to go ahead on 4 May 2020.

In lieu of the actual event, fans have been recreating their favourite looks on social media and we must say, they are pretty impressive.

Actor, Mindy Kaling, bucked the trend, recreating Jared Leto’s iconic decapitated head look.

To recreate it, Kaling explained she used “a tarp, some Christmas lights and packing tape”. Resourceful and effective.

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Others were just as impressive. American actor, Ned Fulmer, took on Rihanna’s 2018 silver embellished ensemble using tin foil.

He even enlisted the help of a family member to act as somebody in the background.

One Twitter user opted to give Florence Welch’s medieval sheer gown a go. The woman, who bears a passing resemblance to the singer, recreated the iconic look by using “tulle, pink sash, fitted bed sheet, sequin jacket”.

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Some people took it to the next level in the most impressive way. Filmmaker, Eugene Lee Yang, tried Zendaya’s real-life Cinderella look, complete with actual lights.

The pièce de résistance of this epic look was the fact that Yang posed in the exact same way as Zendaya in each of the three shots.

The efforts, which show a large amount of creativity for a group of people unable to leave their homes, have been shared by thousands of people.

Other favourites included a recreation of Rihanna’s 2015 dress inspired by China. Actor, Adam Rippon, took this look to the next level by posing in what looks to be a gallery.

Another fan favourite came from Keith Habersberger, who took on Blake Lively’s 2018 Met Gala dress in the most quarantine-friendly way ever.

The finished look included chopsticks in the hair and elaborate towels and throws cascading from his waist.

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2020’s theme was set to be an exhibition called “About time: fashion and duration” sponsored by luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton.

It was meant to be a journey through the history of fashion and would have undoubtedly produced a lot of stellar looks.

“Due to the unavoidable and responsible decision by the Metropolitan Museum to close its doors, About Time, and the opening night gala, will be postponed to a later date.” Wintour confirmed in March.