Menopause is a breeze thanks to this daily habit

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Menopause symptoms can be managed with daily habits (Getty)

If you're perimenopausal or menopausal, you've likely heard about the importance of exercise in managing your symptoms. But if you're feeling sluggish and tired, working out is likely the last thing on your mind.

If you're in need of motivation to start exercising in midlife, look no further than Drita Nunez, 51, who credits exercise with her breezy menopause experience.

"Fitness has been instrumental in helping me manage menopause," Drita tells HELLO!. "Leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes consistent exercise, has made a significant difference to my menopause experience," Drita continues.

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Drita has always been active

"I believe that staying active is key to managing menopause and I often recommend exercise to my friends for the same reason. Fitness has allowed me to navigate menopause smoothly and maintain a high quality of life," she adds.

"Menopause is not an excuse to stop being active," Drita says. "Keeping busy with exercise helps manage symptoms and maintain focus, and it drives you to do more and maintain a positive outlook."

More fitness inspiration

Fitter than ever

At 51, Drita is a devotee of F45's 45-minute workouts, and credits them with helping her become fitter than ever. "Staying fit has a profound impact on my life as I get older. Every day I wake up with positive vibes, feeling energised and ready to tackle my daily routine," she says. "This positivity and strength help me give my best in everything I do."

woman doing intense exercise
Drita says exercise is helping her breeze through menopause

Drita says she doesn't dwell on her age. "Age is just a number," she says. "It's more important to focus on the quality of my fitness and staying fit makes me feel more youthful, capable, and positive about life."

She adds that the daily challenges at F45 mean she doesn't dwell on her age, instead focusing on the fact that she is getting stronger and more capable. "I love seeing the progress from my efforts," she says.

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Taking a break

Drita sees her workout as both me-time and an opportunity to connect with others.

"Exercise provides a great escape from the worries of life," Drita says. "When I go to the gym, I leave my concerns at the door and focus on training. It's a refreshing break from daily stress."

woman doing an exercise
Drita says fitness helps her through menopause

Despite being super strong, Drita says that seeing her friends at her classes spurs her on just as much as the workout side of things.

"For me, exercise is secondary to the camaraderie," she says. "I go to F45 to see my friends and train alongside them. It's about doing something beneficial for my body and mind while showing up for my friends. This combination of physical activity and social connection fuels my passion for exercise."

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The sense of community at the gym is crucial for Drita, who shares: "I get to see people who push me to do my best, creating a supportive and motivating environment. Unlike my experience at regular gyms, where I only lasted three days, I've stayed with F45 for years because I love the sense of community."

Exercise in midlife

Drita hopes that by showing that she's fitter than ever at 51, other women in midlife will be inspired to get into fitness.

"Please don't stay inside — explore new activities and do something different," Drita implores. "Fresh air and seeing others exercise can be incredibly inspiring. Be creative and dedicated with your workouts.

"Look to other women for inspiration. Be confident in what you do and, most importantly, do it for yourself. It's inspiring to see women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds coming together to exercise.

"Seek inspiration from local women and even celebrities. Support each other and be inspired by the amazing community around you. Getting involved in exercise will not only benefit your body but also your mind and spirit."