Hey Dads, We Want To Know If You're Raising Your Boys Differently Than The Way You Were Brought Up

It isn't until we're adults that we realize that parents are just humans, and as much as they might have the best intentions when raising us, they definitely make mistakes along the way.

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If you're a parent already or want to be soon, I'm sure you want to raise your child a certain way — maybe mimicking how your parents raised you, perhaps raising your child completely differently from how you were raised, or maybe a little bit of both.

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I'm curious about the men of the BuzzFeed Community: if you plan on raising specifically your son differently than how you were raised, I'd like to hear more!

Maybe you grew up without a fatherly figure, and you want your son to have you as a positive influence to look up to.

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Perhaps you want to raise your son to be in touch with his emotions, unlike how you were raised.

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Or maybe you grew up as an only child but your son is a big brother so you want to raise him to be close to his siblings.

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However your parenting will be different, I want to hear more about it in this anonymous form or in the comments below!