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The men of TikTok have spoken — this is the cologne they want for Valentine's Day

Guys can be notoriously hard to shop for — and impress! If you want a gift that's sure to please, go with this viral cologne that can arrive before V-Day.

Yes, Valentine's Day is less than one week away, but there's a good chance you're still racking your brain for the perfect gift for your guy. And hey, no judgment. Shopping for a man who isn't picky or doesn't have a very specific wish list is hard. If your sweetie hasn't given you any ideas on what he wants for V-Day, then let the men of TikTok help you out.

Right now, there are nearly 4,000 TikTok posts tagged #ultramale. Before your mind goes astray, this isn't some weird corner of the internet where guys put their masculinity to the test. Instead, the tag refers to Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male, a cologne that is currently wildly popular amongst dudes on the social media app.

The reviews on Amazon are filled with guys raving about how much they like this cologne. One shopper commented, "The scent is very nice, not over powering. It stays for the full day but will fade." He went on to add, "Females enjoy it, so that's important."

$103 at Amazon

I first learned about Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male from my partner's 15-year-old son. If you can believe it, a 15-year-old boy asked for this $100+ cologne for his birthday. For real. In a world where he could've chosen new sneakers, the latest video game or even a night watching his favorite basketball team play, he chose Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male. Why? TikTok, of course.

Imagine my surprise to find out that my partner was also sneaking spritzes of his son's new Ultra Male cologne. During a recent date, I complimented him on how nice he smelled and it didn't take long for him to confess that he too, a 49-year-old man, was obsessed with Ultra Male.

ultra male jean paul gaultier
ultra male jean paul gaultier

Now that I've smelled Ultra Male for myself, I understand the hype. It does smell really nice. When used in moderation, it's not at all overpowering and can really work for a man of any age who wants to feel sophisticated and sexy. Scent aside, TikTok user joanscents rated Ultra Male 10 out of 10 for longevity in their video that now has more than 178,000 likes. home_of_fragrance gave it similarly high marks for being extra long lasting in their TikTok video review that has over 125,000 likes.

But guys on TikTok aren't the only ones raving about Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male. Over on Amazon, more than 14,000 shoppers have rated the cologne, giving it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

One shopper wrote, "This is the only cologne that my husband has worn for years. Everyone compliments him on the way he smells."

Another shopper added, "This is one of my favorite colognes. I received a lot of compliments about this cologne and it's a confidence booster. If you like to smell good and turn heads this is worth the purchase."

Not everyone is 100% impressed with Ultra Male, though. One shopper who didn't love Ultra Male wrote, "If you're new to this scent, get the sample first. I'm more of a fresh scent type of guy and this one struck me as 'spicy.' It may take another time or three for me to warm up to it."

If, however, you're feeling like this could be just the Valentine's Day gift you were looking for, then you'll need to act fast. If you pay for expedited shipping, your order of Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male can arrive before February 14, but you have no time to spare. Add it to your cart and check out now.

Shopping for fragrances online can be hard because, well, you can't smell through the screen. But do your best to imagine Ultra Male's floral fruity scent which includes a blend of cucumber, juicy mandarin, jasmine, pink water lily, southern gardenia, cedar wood, sandalwood, vanilla and marshmallow.

$103 at Amazon

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