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10+ extended Memorial Day Apple deals at Best Buy and more — including a $269 iPad

Find the best Apple deals this Memorial Day and save big. (Photo: Amazon)
Find the best Apple deals this Memorial Day and save big. (Photo: Amazon)

Memorial Day is here, and you know what that means: fantastic savings on your favorite gizmos and gadgets! In desperate need of an Apple fix? You can find everything from iPads to AirPods on mega sale right now. Just remember: these discounts only last as long as the supply does, and Apple products are a hot commodity. They'll likely sell out in a flash, so don't wait till the last minute to buy — especially when it comes to renewed deals!

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The best Memorial Day AirPod deals

Apple AirPods need no introduction, but here's a few quick facts: these guys have 24 hours of battery life, are super easy to setup, and can share audio between two different sets of AirPods, too.
$99 at Amazon

"Hands down my favorite earbuds on the market. Had a pair of AirPods I purchased in 2020 and used them day in and day out for 3 years until they gave out. Purchased these as a replacement and they are perfect. 10/10 will buy again," said one fan.

Six hours of battery life per 'bud, 30 hours in total, active noise cancelling, and customizable controls? This text box only has 226 characters, which isn't nearly enough to sing the praises of these AirPod Pros.
$200 at Amazon

"The active noise cancellation is no joke!" one fan raved. "I LOVE the AirPods and I’m so glad I didn’t buy the 1st gen version. These headphones have been a godsend for me. I live across the street from an auto body shop and things get pretty loud, and after a long day of work I like to pop in my buds read a book or maybe do some writing. I can do these things without all the distractions outside my door! The AirPods are pretty comfortable in my ear and stay in quite well."

If earbuds aren't your fav, then try these popular over-ear headphones that come with all the same features you know and love out of AirPods. They're currently $100 off!
$450 at Amazon

One fan called these the ultimate listening experience. "After I perused the specs and got over the sticker shock of the price tag, I thought, “These might be worth the investment for me.” I have high-end hearing loss, and because of that, most speakers, earbuds, and headphones don’t do much for me. I have an especially hard time hearing dialogue on our TV unless the sound is being pumped through our HomePods. That is what caused me to pause and really consider the purchase. “What if the AirPods Max is like putting HomePods on your ears?” That was worth it to me."

The best Memorial Day iPad deals

This iPad comes with 64GB of memory, a 12MP camera on the front, touch ID, and a gorgeous Retina display.
$270 at Amazon

"This iPad is great! My old iPad died and I was hesitating to get a new one, and I’m glad I picked this one. It is perfect for my needs, holds a charge, and is lightweight and has a large screen. Highly recommended!" said one user.

With its spacious 10.9-inch screen, 64GB of onboard memory, and 12MP front-and-back cameras, this iPad is one powerful tablet.
$399 at Amazon

One customer said, "Got this for my husband to use while he’s over the road truck driving, and he absolutely loves it. He was able to take it to our local AT&T and add cellular data on it for easy entertainment on the road. He used it for gps, music, entertainment, etc. it’s perfect for him. Lightweight and perfectly portable."

One of the most portable iPads on the market, this powerhouse comes in five different colors, has all-day battery life, and works with the Apple Pencil (second gen) to become a fantastic drawing tablet.
$500 at Amazon

"The iPad Air with the M1 chip is the best Apple tablet for your money. Powerful enough to play heavy games and demanding work platforms with a beautiful laminated screen without expensive and unnecessary add-ons like 120Hz refresh and FaceID," said one shopper.

The best Memorial Day Macbook sales

Though this is the 2020 model, it's still on-par with most modern Windows machines, especially in terms of productivity. An all-day battery, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD means it can tackle almost anything you throw at it.
$800 at Amazon

"Why is it that the PC world cannot make a good notebook for the same price? The MacBook Air is the bar that every PC model should be at. I bought a PC notebook that has seen more time at the repair depot than in my use. I finally decided to buy a MacBook Air because I was so impressed with a Mac mini I bought. I like everything about the Air from the keyboard, touchpad, beautiful screen quality and study chassis," said one five-star reviewer.

If you need more power than a Macbook Air brings to the table, this Macbook Pro has 8GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and a powerful processor designed to handle intensive tasks like Photoshop.
$1,349 at Amazon

"This is an incredible laptop. The laptop is sleek and sophisticated with incredible ease of use. I am impressed with the design and the function is as perfect as you’d expect an apple product to be. I highly recommend this product," one customer said.

The best Memorial Day Apple Watch deals

This smartwatch is much more than just a fitness tracker. it can detect car crashes, alert emergency services if you fall, and even act as an emergency SOS at the touch of a button.
$329 at Amazon

"So comfortable!" shared one customer. "I've been wearing this to work, I mostly got it for the fall detection because of my history of seizures. I love that I could keep track of things like my cycle and it's helping me lose weight."

Rugged and tough, this is the Apple Watch for people that spend a lot of time outdoors and are a bit tough on their wearables.
$749 at Best Buy

"Great build quality with the titanium case and the sapphire crystal. The functionality is better than my old Apple 6 watch. Setup was easy and existing apps transferred without difficulty. My Tidal music streaming app works MUCH better with the Ultra than my old Apple 6 watch. I use the watch at the gym for workouts, swimming, streaming music and communication," said one shopper.

The best Memorial Day Apple deals

Depending on the age of your iPad, the second-generation Apple Pencil might not work. In that case, the first-generation model performs just as well and is available for just $90.
$89 at Amazon

"Love this gadget!" said one shopper. "Made me want to use my ipad more! I love to play those coloring/painting by number games on my ipad, and this has absolutely changed the game for me."

It's the Apple Pencil you know and love.
$114 at Amazon
Stream all of your favorite content with ease — and play Apple Arcade games on the big screen.
$135 at Amazon

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