Melissa McCarthy would do a Bridesmaids sequel in a flash

Melissa McCarthy played bridesmaids Megan credit:Bang Showbiz
Melissa McCarthy played bridesmaids Megan credit:Bang Showbiz

Melissa McCarthy would jump at the chance to do another 'Bridesmaids' film.

The 'Little Mermaid' star has admitted that she would still do a sequel to the 2011 rom-com when she and her co-stars are in their 90s.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "I would do a Bridesmaids sequel this afternoon, right now.

"That group of women was the most magical thing ever. Almost all of us were really good friends already. I think it was such a magical time."

She added that even if they are "all in our nineties and [writers] Kristen [Wiig] and Annie [Mumolo] are like, 'Should we team back up?' I'd be like, 'Yes. Yeah, we should.'"

The 52-year-old actress recalled there being non-stop laughter on set.

Asked what her highlight was, she replied: "Oh my God. Just being around that many funny people were truly it was like people dropping to the ground because we couldn't get air in.

"From a distance, it must have looked like we all had food poisoning because there was just times where we'd be like ... You can't be around that group of humans and not just be beside yourself."

Melissa - who played bridesmaid Megan - also revealed that the scene where the group of bridesmaids get food poisoning and she goes to the toilet in the sink at the designer wedding dress store next to the puking bride Lillian (Maya Rudolph) nearly didn't happen.

She said: "It just ended up being so funny."

And the 'Heat' star revealed Kristen Wiig could have choked filming her character Annie Walker shovelling almonds down her throat.

She added: "Also, just Kristen shoving 72 Jordan almonds in her mouth.

“There was a take where she must have had 40 in there. We were like, ‘Kristen's going to choke.’”