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Melania’s colonial hat

A colonial-era hat caused controversy during Melania’s Africa trip. Photographed wearing the white pith helmet during a safari in Nairobi National Park, the First Lady was quickly called out for the bad taste sartorial choice. The accessory was favoured by British officers in Africa in the late 19th century and has since become a symbol of colonial rule and oppression. [Photo: Getty]

Melania Trump's most controversial outfits from her time as First Lady

First Ladies (along with the rest of the female population globally) have long been criticised for their outfits.

Jackie Kennedy continuously raised eyebrows with her expensive European ensembles and even Michelle Obama, who rarely put a foot wrong during her eight years in the White House, angered fans by wearing a sleeveless top to a church in Italy.

However, no one has received as much flack as Melania Trump when it comes to clothing choices. The 47-year-old has hit headlines numerous times since her husband took office a year ago, on 20 January 2017.

There’s been more political eyebrow raising over her wardrobe than ever seen before. From wearing heels to a hurricane disaster zone to dressing in a five-figure coat at global summit, Melania’s got it wrong a number of times.

Film stars, royals and female politicians make a habit of wearing clothing from local designers when visiting other countries but Melania has rarely “bothered to flatten the egos of her hosts” while abroad, The Guardian stated.

Contrastingly, Michelle used her platform as a figure in the limelight to champion American designers and emerging talent – and almost always ensured she turned to local designs for her wardrobe while on business overseas.

It’s unclear how many of her outfits Melania actually chooses. Whereas many famous figures are gifted outfits, it seems all of Melania’s outfits are bought off the rack, anonymously. Her stylist Hervé Pierre admitted he shops for the FLOTUS, but chances are she has the final say on her looks – not Pierre.

In March 2017, after the First Lady wore a Michael Kors look, the designer himself was quick to explain that Melania had purchased the suit herself. He stated that no special arrangements were made.

So, it seems the former-model isn’t wearing outfits to appease designers. Is she, instead, dressing politically? Is she wearing what her stylist lays out for her? Or is she simply wearing whatever the heck she wants? Your guess is as good as ours.

Whatever the case, Melania’s love for extraordinarily expensive fashion and her arguably insensitive dressing hasn’t sat comfortably with many.

See how many of these controversial style choices you remember…

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