Meghan Trainor opened up about losing weight after her pregnancy

meghan trainor
Meghan on her body changing after c-sectionSantiago Felipe - Getty Images

Singer Meghan Trainor has always been vocal about self-love and body image, after shooting to fame with her debut single All About That Bass (featuring the lyrics "Yeah, it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two, but I can shake it, shake it, like I'm supposed to do"). Now, she's spoken out about how her body changed following the c-section that saw her son, Riley, make his way into the world.

Speaking to ET Canada, Meghan shared that when she gave birth, she was at her 'heaviest' and it was having an impact on her not only physically, but mentally too.

"I was my heaviest I've ever been, I was like over 200 pounds when I C-sectioned him out. I just wasn't feeling great," she said. "I've never had stitches, so to have this C-section scar, I was in a really dark place and I wanted to be in a great place for my son."

Meghan added that she used her newfound status as a mother as motivation to build up some healthy habits, both when it came to nutrition and exercise. She also shared that her weight loss came at a slow and steady rate, which is what the NHS guidelines advise.

"I challenged myself. I was like 'if I can survive a C-section, I can do anything!' – [and] I was very dedicated and I started seeing the pounds come off like one week at a time, one pound… I learned that I do like healthy food and I learned what portions mean. And I learned my brain is so happy when I exercise, so I'm just [feeling] better than ever."

As for her confidence, Meghan said that these days she's scoring an "eight or a nine - we're up there!" on that front.

The singer married her partner Daryl Sabara (an actor best known for playing Juni Cortez in Spy Kids) in 2018.

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