Proud freckle-wearer Meghan Markle has spurred a trend in faux freckles

Ciara Sheppard
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Have Meghan Markle’s wedding day freckles have sparked a beauty trend? [Photo: Getty]

Our mums always told us that freckles were a sign of beauty, but we never believed them and instead slapped on the thickest foundation we could find in Boots.

Well, as with all once-shunned beauty trends, (bushy brows and blue eyeshadow included), freckles are having their moment in the sun.

Sweet scatterings of freckles are now hot property in beauty, in part thanks to 2018’s stance on skin which involves making it look fresher, dewier and more natural.

But there’s no trend that’s really taken off with a famous face to tag to it, and our unofficial freckle poster-girl comes in the form of the Duchess of Sussex, aka Meghan Markle.

Since her royal wedding on 19 May 2018, which was watched by millions the world over, freckles have really taken off.

Her classic beauty look, created by make-up artist Daniel Martin, and was achieved by using a single layer of Dior’s Backstage Face and Body Foundation which let her gorgeous freckles shine through.

Daniel told Yahoo Style UK that the decision the let Meghan’s freckles shine through was a “mutual understanding”.

He explained: “The last thing you want your future partner to see is a mask of makeup. You want them to see the person they fell in love with.”

Daniel also explained that Meghan’s only request for her makeup look was to “Just to feel like herself, but more polished than her usual day to day routine.”

“Meghan doesn’t like to have a full coverage of makeup on her face. She’s very comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t feel the need to cover it up. Especially on a memorable day as your wedding. You want to feel confident and comfortable and allow your true self to come through!”

Meghan Markle’s wedding day look was achieved by using a single layer of Dior’s Backstage Face and Body Foundation. [Photo: Getty]

Meghan Markle’s former make-up artist Lydia Sellers even revealed that it was always Meghan’s request to have her “freckles peeping through”, telling Pop Sugar she favoured the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation at the time. 

Since, the iconic make-up look has sparked a trend in people embracing their naturally sun-kissed faces.

In a more extreme take on the trend, people are even looking to permanent measures to achieve Meghan’s look: freckle tattooing.

There’s been a reported uptick in freckle tattooing requests since the royal wedding.

Atlanta-based cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow told New Beauty she has been “crazy busy” ever since the nuptials and has noticed an increase in the request for freckle tattoos.

For people not wanting to opt for permanent freckles, there’s many who are looking to achieve the look by using makeup.


When we asked Daniel Martin his tips for achieving faux-freckles, he said: “Love the skin your in! Freckles or no freckles! If you want to amplify what freckles you have, awesome! Use a light hand to apply over the ones you want to enhance.”

But Daniel finished with a word of warning: “The last thing you want is to create a false perception for the sake of being “trendy”.

Not only that but other stars are embracing the freckled look of late: just last week, Ariana Grande proudly displayed her natural freckles on the cover of British Vogue, and it’s safe to say fans went wild for the au-natural look.

So there it is: freckles are in. If only our 10-year-old selves could see this now…

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