Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Body Language Shows They're "Politely Disconnecting" From the Public

Starr Bowenbank

From Cosmopolitan

If you've been worried after learning about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's lawsuit against the British press, have been wondering if Meghan is okay given the amount of scrutiny she's been under in recent months, and are beyond curious to know how this has affected your favorite royal couple's demeanor in public, I have some real good news for you!

Earlier today, Meghan and Harry made their first formal royal appearance of the month at Westminster Abbey for Remembrance Day, a day where members of the royal family publicly pay respect to heroic efforts and achievements made in war. This appearance also marks the first time that Meghan has made a formal royal appearance since giving that particularly eyeopening interview with The Telegraph, where she admitted she "doesn't want people to love her."

Photo credit: Mark Cuthbert - Getty Images

Between that and the lawsuit news, it's pretty safe to say there are multiple issues weighing on Meghan and Harry's minds, and it directly translated into their body language at today's event according to body language expert, Blanca Cobb. Let's discuss!

Here we have a lovely picture of Meghan looking at Harry with the utmost adoration. (Side bar: I definitely want a man to look at me the way Meghan looks at Harry! 😭)

Photo credit: Mark Cuthbert - Getty Images

According to Blanca, Meghan basically appears to be in her own world, and Harry is at the center of it. "It's really obvious there's only one person who has Meghan's attention and that's her husband, Harry," she said. "Along with what Meghan and Harry have said about media scrutiny, this image shows that they're pulling into themselves. They're still going to engage with the public, but they're doing so at a distance."

Next up, we have this image of Harry and Meghan walking alongside each other in the Remembrance Day ceremony. I know it doesn't look like much at first glance, but Blanca says that Harry is doing his best to keep a protective eye on Meghan.

Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

"This picture shows a polite disconnect from the public," Blanca explained. "Meghan is looking down, but Harry is looking in Meghan's direction. Meghan is the only person that is truly behind Harry, so it's safe to say that he is checking in on his wife."

Perhaps the most telling pic is this last one--are you ready? Blanca hypothesizes that Meghan's gaze tells that she is removed from the general public at the event, but because of how similar Meghan and Harry's stances are, they still feel very one with each other.

Photo credit: KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH - Getty Images

"This is a formal event, but instead of looking straight ahead, Meghan is choosing to have her glance down," Blanca said. "This is a way of disengaging, but it's still very respectful towards the public. Meghan and Harry have similarities in their stance and how they're holding their hands, so that lets us know that they're very emotionally connected to each other."

Oh, but that's not all! Let's circle back to that quote about Meghan saying she "doesn't want people to love her." Blanca had a lottttt of insight about how that impacted her stance, basically saying that the media scrutiny Meghan has experienced has caused her to adjust her approach.

"If you want someone to perceive you on a certain way, you're going to act accordingly. I always think that both Meghan and Harry have been very professional with the public. After the media scrutiny, the public's perception alters, so Meghan will act or show mannerisms that she think will allow her to get more respect."

There ya have it, folks--Meghan and Harry, given the recent tumultuous events, are drawing back from the public in subtle ways and are adjusting their behaviors in light of the scrutiny.

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