Meghan Markle kidnapped during princess training

Photo credit: Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved
Photo credit: Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

From Harpers Bazaar UK

While Meghan Markle was probably aware that the build-up to her upcoming wedding wouldn't be pedestrian, she perhaps didn't foresee having to undergo a fake kidnapping.

The Express reports that the former Suits actress recently spent two days in the British countryside near Hereford as part of security sessions needed to be completed before she becomes a member of the royal family on 19 May. The exercises apparently include a 'kidnap and rescue' portion in which the SAS use real ammunition to rescue Markle from a simulated kidnapping.

“Even though Meghan will have known the enemy was not real, I guarantee that she will have been petrified," a former SAS officer told the Express. "That’s why live ammo is used, so she knows what real gunfire sounds like should, God forbid, she ever be in a hostile situation.”

She also would have been taught how to create relationships with kidnappers, which is apparently a better tactic that behaving with hostility or trying to escape. Gerald Moor, a former senior Army intelligence officer, said the actress will have found the experience "physically and psychologically gruelling". Prince Harry is thought to have accompanied his fiancee.

All members of the royal family have reportedly undertaken similar training, with exception of the Queen. The Duchess of Cambridge completed the intense experience after she married Prince William, but because of "heightened security issues at this time", Markle's training has taken place already.


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