'Meghan Markle disappointed by reaction to selfie gate at Wimbledon'

A royal commentator has said that the Duchess of Sussex was "disappointed"by the reaction to her personal protection officer (PPO) asking members of the public not to take photos of her at Wimbledon. Speaking on Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box,’ Omid Scobie says: “I spoke to a source after that had happened and I was told that Meghan was quite disappointed at just how it played out because, in her words, she had said to this source that she would have happily taken a photo with anyone that had asked. “So I think that perhaps this might have been a case of a protection officer being slightly too protective, although that’s probably his job.” He and The Sun's royal correspondent Emily Andrews also point out that this is not the first case where a PPO have asked people to refrain from taking photos of the royals and their children when they are off-duty or during private time.