Meghan the author...but which other royals have written children's books?

Watch: Meghan Writes Children’s Book Inspired By Prince Harry and Archie

Meghan Markle is to release her debut children's book, inspired by watching her husband Prince Harry with their son Archie.

The book, called The Bench, is based on a poem she wrote for Harry for his first Father's Day and is illustrated by Caldecott medal-winning and bestselling artist Christian Robinson.

The 39-year-old duchess is not the first royal to have written a children's book.

Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew, has written dozens of children's books, and created the much-loved character of Budgie, the Little Helicopter.

Budgie was even turned into a TV programme.

As well as the Budgie books and show, Ferguson wrote the Helping Hands series, which covers topics like going to the dentist, parents separating, and the death of a grandparent.

Fergie, as she is usually known, didn't stop there. She also wrote the Little Red books, Tea with Ruby, Ballerina Rosie and The Royal Switch.

246730 02: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson holds a copy of her book
The Duchess of York with her book "Budgie the Little Helicopter" at Bloomingdale's in 1995 in New York City. (Evan Agostini/Liaison)
246730 09: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson bends next to a
Fergie next to a Budgie ride in New York City. She was separated when she wrote the books. (Evan Agostini/Liaison)

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It's not known how much Ferguson has made over the years from her children's books.

She has had a number of financial problems since her divorce from Prince Andrew, though she is now reported to be worth about £720,000.

She is living in the Royal Lodge in Windsor, which is Andrew's royal home.

Meghan has more than just Fergie to call in the Royal Family for tips on authoring children's books.

Her father-in-law Prince Charles also has one to his name.

In 1980, before he had his own children, he wrote The Old Man of Lochnagar, about a man who lives in a cave in the cliffs near the Balmoral estate, which is where the Royal Family take their summer holidays.

The story was one Charles had made up to entertain his younger brothers, Edward and Andrew, and was published to aid his Prince's Trust charity.

Charles doing the voiceover in 1993 for his book The Old Man of Lochnagar. (Martin Keene - PA Images)

It was made into an animated short film by the BBC, which was narrated by Prince Charles and featured Robbie Coltrane.

It even became a musical stage play, and Charles appeared on Jackanory to read it.

It's not just British royals, either – publishing children's books is a popular pastime among royals around the world.

Queen Rania of Jordan published The Sandwich Swap in 2010, which she launched at the UN in April that year.

The book was touted as a "warm-hearted fable about friendship and tolerance across cultural lines".

The book followed the story of two friends "Lily and Salma, who play together and stick together through thick and thin. But who would have ever thought that an ordinary peanut butter sandwich or plain hummus and pita could come between them?"

NEW YORK - APRIL 27: In this handout image provided by the Jordan Royal Household, Queen Rania of Jordan reads aloud from her new book
Queen Rania of Jordan reading from her book "The Sandwich Swap" in the United Nations Bookshop at United Nations Headquarters in April 2010 in New York City. (The Jordan Royal Household via Getty Images)
GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - SEPTEMBER 27: Princess Madeleine of Sweden attends the launch of her book 'Stella and the Secret' at the Gothenburg Book Fair on September 27, 2019 at Svenska Massan in Gothenburg, Sweden. (Photo by Julia Reinhart/Getty Images)
Princess Madeleine of Sweden holding her book 'Stella and the Secret' at the Gothenburg Book Fair in September 2019. (Julia Reinhart/Getty Images)

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As well as the food-based book, Queen Rania wrote Eternal Beauty, in 2008, and The King's Gift in 2000, on the first anniversary of the death of King Hussein. It was distributed in schools in Jordan.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden released a children's book in 2019, which dealt with issues of child sexual abuse.

Speaking about the book Stella and the Secret, the princess said she wanted to ensure "children understand and respect bodily integrity, and that you don't touch people on certain parts of the body – you respect the private areas".

However her title of princess does not appear on the cover - instead she opted for her family's surname, so her author name is Madeleine Bernadotte.

Meghan's debut book will be released on 8 June, nearly two weeks before Father's Day.

Tatler reported in 2019 that she was set to write a children's book about dogs, following her own love of dogs. A royal spokesman did not comment at the time.

One of her dogs, Guy, became the subject of a book about his life in 2018 when His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle was written by Camille March, Michael Brumm and Gerald Kelley.

The story followed Guy's adoption in Kentucky by the future Duchess of Sussex and how he came to get along with the Queen.

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