Megan Fox's blonde hair makes her look just like Kim Kardashian in these pics

IDK about you but for me, I find that there is something so incredibly satisfying about finding a celebrity doppelgänger – just take the oldie but goldie comparison between Kiera Knightley and Natalie Portman as a prime example. And now, adding to that already prevalent Friyay satisfaction is Megan Fox with her recent likeliness to Kim Kardashian. It's, once again, time to update our list of celebrities that look like other celebrities.

Just a few hours ago, Megan took to Instagram to share yet another carousel post – this time it's one consisting 7 (!!) pics – of her Halloween Zelda look. Whilst we were very much stunned by her ethereal body alteration statement (read: "very seriously looked into elf ear modification"), fans took to the comment section to share their confusion over the case of mistaken identity. *Puts on inspector hat and glasses*.

Read a select few comments below:

"I thought this was Kim K [...]"

"I thought that’s Kim"

"They look the same 😭"

"Thought this was Kim K for a sec"

"Yes I was thinking the same until I saw him then I have look again omg 😱"

Correct me if I'm wrong but perhaps it's the blonde XXL soft waves hairstyle causing such confusion. After all, it has been Kim's go to look for quite some time now. Either that or it's the skimpy no pants ensemble. There's no telling, really.

Throwing a contrasting theory into the mix, one fan wrote "thought was Khloe". I mean, different sister but same family, so, not too out-of-the-box.

I'll leave you with this very important decision: Megan Kardashian or Kim Fox. Let us know your thoughts...

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