Megan Fox forced to deny new picture is AI

Megan Fox forced to deny new picture is AI

Megan Fox has once again hit back at online criticism over her appearance.

The 37-year-old actor shared a mirror selfie to Instagram on 17 April, in which she appeared to pose makeup-free for the camera. In the photo, she was wearing a black bra and red and black checkerboard boxers as she showed off her long blue hair.

“Repairing my hair (and 26 inches of extensions) post Coachella,” she wrote in the caption. Her post also included a snap of her haircare products from Wella Professionals.

However, many fans in the comments focused on Fox’s appearance, with people questioning if it was her in the photo, while others suggested the snap was AI-generated. In response to one Instagram user who made the AI claim, the Jennifer’s Body star didn’t hesitate to hit back.

“Go ask @machinegunkelly if this is AI,” she wrote, referring to her longtime partner Machine Gun Kelly. It’s unclear if the pair, who were engaged, are still together, as Fox recently said she would no longer be addressing their relationship status.

In response to Fox’s reaction, fans have gone on to defend the 37 year old, and praise her for her response to the criticism. “Hahaha queen I love this reply,” one person wrote.

“You look great babe,” another added, while a third wrote: “You look so good in your natural state like this!!”

This isn’t the first time that Fox has hit back at criticism over her looks. In February, she and Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, posed with couple Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at a nightclub in Las Vegas, after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. When the photo of the group went viral, fans were quick to claim that Fox looked “very different” and allege that she had undergone serious plastic surgery.

She responded to the criticism on Instagram, where she said it was a “shadowy cell phone pic of me looking like a Ukrainian blowup doll”.

“When in REALITY, I look like one of those super expensive real sex dolls you can only get in Japan,” she continued.

She then shared two photos of her on the same night in different lighting, reassuring people that the dark shadows had made her facial features seem more pronounced. “Oh my god guys look how different I... don’t look at all,” she added.

However, she was later labelled “disgusting” and “xenophobic” for her reference to Ukraine and Japan, which she later responded to. “Dear god. That is NOT what I meant. Ukrainian women are hot af and so in my imagination the blowup dolls would also be hot. Let a girl make a joke for f***s sake,” Fox wrote on Instagram at the time.

Last month, Fox addressed some of the claims people have made about her looks, specifically her cosmetic surgeries. During an episode of  Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, which aired on 20 March, she recalled all the plastic surgeries she’s been accused of doing but never actually had done.

“I’ve never had a facelift of any kind,” she said. “So no midface lift, no lateral brow lift, although I would like one or no regular brow,” she said. “I’ll never have any fat removed. I’m a very lean person that doesn’t have enough body fat or fat in my face, so I’ll only ever put fat in.”

After the Jennifer’s Body star specified that she’s “never had any liposuction,” she then described the cosmetic surgeries she’s had, noting that she “had her boobs done when [she] was 21 or 22,” which was after she starred in her first movie for the Transformers franchise.

“I had [my breasts] redone after I was done breastfeeding my kids, because I don’t know where they went but they went,” she said. She shares her three sons – Noah, 11, Bodhi, 10, and Journey, seven – with ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

She continued: “I had to have them redone very recently, because the first set, I didn’t have enough body fat to disguise…the rippling of the implant, I had to switch them out to this set.”