Megan Fox has chopped her hair shorter and dyed it bright red (for real this time)

Megan Fox has a seriously impressive wig collection, rocking black, blonde, red and even pink lengths in recent times. So when we first saw her latest copper hair look, we thought it was another 'laid and slayed' moment to enjoy. But then, we realised it was actually dyed(?!?!) and that's when we got excited.

You don't just bleach and dye your hair from black to red if you don't plan on staying that way for at least a while. Mother has committed to being a redhead. A new era is incoming.

Pairing her new hair colour with a new shorter length, too, Megan debuted her new look in a 'get ready with me' video ahead of the Vanity Fair Oscar party. In the vid, a ginger Megan opens the door saying: "I am Megan Fox, although you might not realise that because of my hair. Come with me while I finish getting ready." And we couldn't have (virtually) scrambled in that door any faster.

Explaining that she and her team wanted "to do something that's different but also so me," she credited the inspiration for the hair to her current obsession with Greek mythology. Now that's a Pinterest board we'd love to see.

She added: "Basically like coming back from the underworld, what would you look like if all the fire and brimstone from hell was in your hair? If you were the queen of the underworld, what would you look like walking the red carpet?"

The masterminds that brought that vision to life for her were colourist Jacob Schwarz, who detailed on Insta his formula that got her from jet black to this glorious brimstone copper. Extensions for volume were done by Priscilla Valles to give that real hell and back va-va-voom, while Megan's go to Dimitri Giannetos styled the look. And let's just say if Hades ever needs a glam squad? He knows who to come to.

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