Meg Matthews says removing breast implants was 'best thing' she ever did and caused her to drop two dress sizes

Meg Matthews has revealed having her breast implants removed was the "best thing" she ever did [Image: Getty]
Meg Matthews has revealed having her breast implants removed was the "best thing" she ever did [Image: Getty]

Meg Matthews has opened up about how having her breast implants removed was the “best thing” she ever did.

The 53-year-old menopause activist and entrepreneur - who is best known for her four-year marriage to Noel Gallagher - told The Sun’s Fabulous magazine that she dropped two dresses within days of the procedure three years ago.

“Getting rid of my boobs was the best thing I ever did,” she revealed.

“Within about four days my water retention went, I felt less angry and dropped about two dress sizes.

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Boob jobs are so ’90s, when everyone wanted to be Pamela Anderson.”

Meg underwent the procedure in 2016, which took her from a DD cup to a B cup, 21 years after first having them fitted aged 30.

In 2017, according to the Daily Mail, she admitted to Lizzy Cundy during an interview on Fubar Radio that she keeps the implants on her coffee table as a “joke”.

“I can still wear all my clothes — they just look better,” she explained of her decision to have a reduction.

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“I have a Celine [the French luxury label] cashmere jumper and, with big boobs, it looked rubbish. Now, it looks amazing. I was a DD; I’m now a B.

“My implants, which weigh a pound each, are in a Celine cloth bag and, for a joke, I keep them on the coffee table. It’s a great talking point and makes everyone laugh.”

The star - who has 19-year-old daughter Anais with the former Oasis frontman, who she was in a relationship with for a total of seven years - also told Fabulous that she has not had fillers for five years, and now only has Botox occasionally.

She also explained how, after partying hard in her 20s and 30s, she decided in her early 40s that she couldn’t continue “staying up all night, not eating properly, drinking”.

The mum-of-one adds that she has been teetotal for three years, and no longer smokes or touches drugs.

Her comments follow the rising discussion surrounding breast implant illness.

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