Meet Wet-Wet Sauce: The Chili Oil-Inspired Dip Taking the Internet by Storm

Once you try it, you'll be putting it on everything.

There’s a brand new sauce in town and it’s going viral on social media for some pretty delicious reasons. “Wet wet sauce” is similar to chili oil, but tangier, more flavorful and, according to TikToker Cassie Yeung, a condiment you’ll “put on anything.”

Yeung shared her wet wet sauce recipe on TikTok last year, explaining the sauce is great for “dipping, drowning, or literally anything.” The video has been viewed nearly 11 million times, quickly becoming a viral sensation (and staple condiment) among TikTok users.

What Is Wet Wet Sauce?

TikTok’s viral wet wet sauce is a flavorful mix between chili oil and a vinaigrette that uses ingredients like rice vinegar, Korean chili flakes, and oil to create a colorful, mouth-watering condiment perfect for everything from dipping dumplings to topping avocado toast.

Allrecipes video producer Nicole McLaughlin tried it out herself and says she likes it better than the chili oils and crisps you find in grocery stores. “It has more flavor and a thicker consistency thanks to the oyster sauce and is tangier because of the rice vinegar,” McLaughlin explains. “And because it's a little sweeter than chili oil, I think it's more of a crowd pleaser. Chili oil has no vinegar, so it’s a little different.”

How To Make Wet Wet Sauce

The ingredients for wet wet sauce are simple. First, chop up some green onions, garlic, and ginger and toss them into a heat-resistant bowl. Add some sesame seeds and the most important ingredient of all: Korean chili flakes. (McLaughlin says regular red pepper flakes would work, too.) Heat a neutral oil until it’s very hot and dump it straight from the pan into the spice mixture, being sure to stand back to avoid being splattered.

From there, all that’s left to do is let the mixture hang out and infuse for a few minutes before stirring in soy sauce, oyster sauce, and rice vinegar. When everything’s combined, your wet wet sauce is ready to use.

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Peyton Beckwith

What Does Wet Wet Sauce Taste Like and How Do You Use It?

“It's rich and spicy yet sweet and savory at the same time,” says McLaughlin, “the perfect umami experience.”

But what do you put this savory and delicious sauce on? In her viral video about the condiment, Yeung says she guarantees wet wet sauce is something you’ll enjoy on lots of dishes (her choice for testing the recipe is homemade dumplings). McLaughlin agrees, saying it “would be great on any meat or seafood from the grill, topped on fried eggs or stir fry, or even drizzled over fish tacos or roasted veggies.”

How To Store Wet Wet Sauce

McLaughlin plans to keep her homemade wet wet sauce stored in a glass jar in her fridge. Like chili oil, the condiment should hold up pretty well for several months as long as it’s stored properly and kept cool.

As for tips for making the sauce at home, McLaughlin shares her biggest advice is to “make extra” because of how good it is. “Also keep it in a jar with a tight fitting lid, so that you can give it a good shake each time before using,” she adds.

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