Meet the 61-year-old proving age doesn't have to be a boundary to beauty

Body goals! [Photo: Instagram/@yazemeenah]
Body goals! [Photo: Instagram/@yazemeenah]

For most of us, the very thought of posting a nude selfie to Instagram would bring us out in a cold sweat and have us diving for the nearest cover-up. But not Yazemeenah Rossi. The model, visual artist, and self-portrait photographer has been busy sharing beautiful yet tasteful naked pictures of herself in stunning locations with only a strategically placed scarf to hide her modesty. And boy does she look amazing.

But then body confidence has never been a problem for the 61-year-old. Yes, we did just slip that in there. For though she looks decades younger and could give models half her age a run for their money in the body stakes, Yazemeenah is in fact 61-year-old grandmother!

This 61-year-old swimwear model is the epitome of body confidence [Photo: Instagram/@landofwomen]
This 61-year-old swimwear model is the epitome of body confidence [Photo: Instagram/@landofwomen]

It’s not the first time the silver foxtress has wowed us with her body confidence. In a break from the often highly sexualised swimwear campaigns featuring the under 30 set in barely there bathing suits, online shop The Dreslyn and a lingerie house called Land of Women chose Yazemeenah to front their collaboration.

According to Brooke Taylor Corcia, founder of Dreslyn, the idea behind the collection was to veer away from the often sexed-up imagery of traditional swimwear campaigns and showcase the individuality of women. Yazemeenah was an obvious choice as a model.

“This is a woman who radiates health and vitality,” she told Huffington Post. “She’s confident, she’s a visual artist, she takes care of herself. [This line is] all about being a person who’s well-lived and well-traveled and has intelligence and confidence, and letting that shine through.”

And it seems Yazmeenah’s fans agree.

“Is that real? You are 60 years old and still look like 20, you look younger than me,” one woman wrote on one of her Instagram posts.

“You are such an inspiration for young models like me,” wrote another woman.

“You’re such an inspiration to the world. Age doesn’t matter only health and hard word,” added another.

So what are the Malibu-based beauty’s secrets to body positivity?

You might think she spends a fortune on fancy beauty products and procedures, but in fact Yazemeenah credits her youthful looks and radiant skin to something far less fancy.

Speaking toThe Daily Star, the stunning senior explained that in fact her biggest beauty hack is rubbing olive oil on her face and running rapeseed oil through her silver locks.

“There are no beauty products I couldn’t live without as I can always find what I need anywhere,” she said.

“My basics are in the kitchen cabinet, but I also use some extra luxuries like various precious oils.”

And what of her eating and fitness regime?

Though she doesn’t abide, by what she describes as “frustrating” diets. Instead she believes balance and discipline are the key to staying healthy and happy: “I never eat processed, frozen, microwaved or low-fat foods,” she says.

“Most of the time, I eat organic food and cook it fresh every day. I eat mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts and some good-quality fish and meats.”

She also exercises daily. “I do a little bit of exercise everyday. I’ve practiced yoga for more than 30 years and I’ll spend between 30 minutes and an hour doing it each day,” she told Daily Star.

But more important than eating healthily and exercising regularly, the 61-year-old believes a positive attitude to ageing is key.

“I don’t like the physical side of ageing – I wonder if anybody likes that part?” Yazemeenah told the Telegraph.

“It’s not fun to see your skin going down and becoming less toned but the nice, fascinating side of ageing gives you a strong feeling of inner power totally unknown before.”

“Some years ago I realised the benefits of letting go,” she continues. “In my logic, I am living what billions of humans have lived before me and all I can do is just follow the flow of time.”

If there’s a better role model to prove that body positivity and beauty doesn’t have an age limit, we’d love to hear about them.

Ageism, schmageism.

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