Meet the new You season 4 characters

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Meet the characters joining You season 4Netflix

Penn Badgley is back as Joe Goldberg in season four of Netflix's You, and this time he’s been let loose on London. While he’s reinvented himself as Professor Jonathan Moore, a university lecturer, his extracurricular activities areas dark as ever. Introducing his potential new victims, in their own words.

You season 4 new characters


meet the characters joining you season 4

Who? Amy-Leigh Hickman plays Nadia, one of Jonathan’s adoring literature students in his new university role.

In a nutshell: ‘Nadia admires and looks up to Jonathan – their relationship is fun and she isn’t afraid to have a joke with him from time to time," Amy-Leigh tells Cosmopolitan UK. "He’s in a completely new environment, [which] puts him in a more vulnerable position."

Anything else we should know? Amy’s first role was in Tracy Beaker Returns, and later, EastEnders. She’s a massive You fan – she watched every season in a couple of days.


meet the characters joining you season 4

Who? A post-grad Nigerian princess and crypto-currency trader, played by newcomer Ozioma Whenu.

In a nutshell: As Ozi puts it, "Blessing aligns herself with people who make her more interesting. Jonathan is an enigma, and she can’t quite figure him out. She’s intrigued by his mystery and intelligence, but she can smell the lack of status a mile off."

Anything else we should know? Er, murder is likely - "This group of people are them ost deserving crowd."


meet the characters joining you season 4

Who? Charlotte Ritchie from Call The Midwife and Fresh Meat transforms into Kate, an art gallery director with a cool exterior.

In a nutshell: ‘Kate is very strong-willed and loyal," Charlotte says. "She can be pretty nasty, but as the series progresses we see her softer side."

Anything else we should know? Kate’s coldness sets her apart from the group – but Jonathan might work his magic. Charlotte continues, "She’s more guarded and icy than the other characters. She doesn’t trust him at all, and calls him a dubious character from the off. Sadly that doesn’t last..."


meet the characters joining you season 4

Who? A wealthy expat American, failing to meet his family’s high expectations. Lady Phoebe’s boyfriend, played by The White Lotus and Euphoria’s Lukas Gage.

In a nutshell: "You can’t put Adam in a box," Lukas says. "He’s complicated and deeply aware of people, and it makes him a bit tormented. He’s the only other American that Joe can bond with. They both have a lot of secrets."

Anything else we should know? Lukas relocated to London for the show. "I was knackered! And I [now]miss all my British friends."

Lady Phoebe

meet the characters joining you season 4

Who? London’s answer to Paris Hilton, played by EastEnders’ Tilly Keeper.

In a nutshell: Summarising her character, Tilly told Cosmopolitan UK, "She’s an aristocratic socialite, born into a world of privilege, old money and fame. Phoebe is generous to a fault and wears her heart on her sleeve. A lonely individual seeking a true connection."

Anything else we should know? Tilly and Amy-Leigh were on FaceTime to each other when they realised they’d been booked for the show. "We went out to dinner that night to celebrate."

You season 4 part 1 is on Netflix 9th February. Part 2 is released 9 March.

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