Meek Mill receives pardon from Pennsylvania Governor

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Meek Mill was granted a pardon by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on Thursday.

The rapper took to Instagram and shared a picture of the official document from the Governor's Office granting him a pardon in relation to his 2008 drugs and weapons offences.

"Thankyall (crying emoji) I’m only gone do more for my community on god! #newlevelsunlocked (sic)," he wrote in the caption.

On his Instagram Stories, the 35-year-old thanked Governor Wolf for "the life reset", while on Twitter, he added, "I got pardoned today …, I’m taking things really far from being a trench baby!"

The pardon document, which Meek partially redacted, reads, "The Board of Pardons, after a full hearing, upon due public notice, and in open session, have recommended to me, in writing, with the reasons therefor, the pardon of the said Robert R. Williams."

Meek, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, was convicted on drug and weapons charges in 2008 and sent to prison. He was released after serving seven months and placed on probation for five years.

He was subsequently in and out of prison over the ensuing years due to probation violations. His conviction was overturned by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania in 2019.

Since his release, Meek has become a vocal advocate of criminal justice reform, with him co-founding the non-profit organisation REFORM Alliance.