McVities confirms we've been eating Jaffa Cakes the wrong way up

Jaffa Cakes are meant to be eaten with the chocolate on the bottom - not the top (Getty)
Jaffa Cakes are meant to be eaten with the chocolate on the bottom - not the top (Getty)

Jaffa Cakes, the beloved British citrus chocolate treat, has confirmed two hotly-debated questions over the weekend.

Firstly, it has settled the age-old debate of whether a Jaffa Cake is a cake or a biscuit and secondly it has described the ‘correct’ way to eat them.

As it turns out, Jaffa Cakes are, in fact, cakes and they should be eaten with the chocolate on the bottom.

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On Saturday, a Twitter user asked Jaffa Cakes: “Could you help settle an argument please? Is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit?”

Jaffa Cakes simply replied: “They are cakes!”

This morning, another user shared a tweet showing that Jaffa Cakes should be eaten chocolate side down.

They took to Twitter to ask: “@RealJaffaCakes IS THIS TRUE?? WE HAVE BEEN EATING JAFFA CAKES THE WRONG WAY UP?”

Their response? “Looks like it.”

The original revelation was made courtesy of a screenshot shared on the Facebook group: Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas.

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A man, known only as David, asked the Jaffa Cakes Facebook page: “What side of the Jaffa is the bottom.”

Jaffa Cakes responded: “Hi David, our Jaffa Cakes go through a reservoir of chocolate, so the chocolate is the bottom.”

David’s response mirrored the nation’s collective thoughts when he replied: “Wtf dude.”

Twitter was, rightly, surprised. One user said: “Mad how I’m not gonna be able to sleep for weeks after finding out the chocolate is the bottom of a Jaffa Cake.”

Another added: “Waittttttt I just watched a video and the chocolate bit on a Jaffa cake is the bottom!?!?! NOT THE TOP???”

Whatever way you eat it, we’re sure it will taste just as delicious.

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